Episode one is an introduction to Dadvocate, why I set it up and what I am trying to do. Click one of the links above to listen on your preferred platform.

In episode two I talk about my relationship and marriage with me narcissist ex.

In this episode we continue with my story picking up from where we left off in episode 2. We talk about the run up to my separation through to my divorce.

In this episode we discuss love bombing: what it is, how I experienced it and how to spot it. I have also written a blog piece to accompany the episode.

In this episode I talk about gaslighting, what it is, how it works and how a narcissists uses it to control their supply.

In this episode Molly and I talk about all of the other narcissistic behaviours and how I experienced them.

I had the pleasure of talking to Judy Weigle in her Constructive Uncoupling podcast about my experience of the UK legal system in divorce as a father.

Not quite a podcast but a written interview on my experience of parental alienation with Stepmum in Stilettos.

I was a guest on Tosh Brittan's Divorce Godess podcast. We talked about Dads, narcissism that happens with co-parenting and Father's Day with me sharing my three top tips on coparenting with a narcissist, and why I started Dadvocate: A place for discussing, promoting and supporting all things 'dad' in love, life, parenting, marriage and divorce plus everything in between and afterwards. Find Tosh on Instagram: @divorcegoddess Website: www.divorcegoddess.com 

*if you want a window into trying coparenting with a narcissist please listen to this!* @thedivorcesurvivalguide podcast featuring @lindsey_ellison on coparenting with a #narcissist, you’d think you might get fed up of listening to other people’s experiences of narcism, especially as the behaviour is all the same; I never do. It always amazes me how people from different corners of the globe can have such similar experiences! I loved the line: “everyone tells you to go no contact…fuck you,’ its so true, you can’t but often thats thats the only advice you’re given! I could associate so much with everything that was said:

”Just knew I had to get out, I didn’t know he was a narcissist”

“I remember thinking I just can’t do anywhere year of this”

The love bombing after she said she wanted to separate.

“Accusations of cheating”

“Accusations of being mentally ill”

“People not believing you. No one got it,” this is the life of a victim of narcissistic abuse, no one believes you, everyone is a sceptic. Imagine is people were the same towards Weinstein or Epsein’s victims!

“Braking out of jail” thats what escaping a narcissistic relationship is like. It’s a well planned escape, you can’t just walk out.

Therapist introducing you to NPD and it being eye opening!

“Every time their number pops up on your phone it takes you back,” if you have never been abused in this way this is difficult to understand but its so true. It’s like a time machine. The emotional response it evokes is so powerful! And yes it literally ruins your day!

“Narcissists aren’t trying to negotiate with you, they are playing a game,” 100% this is one of the things people need to understand. There is no winning because the argument is infinite.

“Don’t want to take their [narcissistic parent] away, want them to have a relationship with them,” absolutely. I 100% agree but to an outsider that is at odds with the natural instinct of a protective parent.

I have just bought the book #magicwords by Lindsey Ellison: I want to try her technique of mapping my narcissist’s personality. Great podcast thank you!

I was delighted to be able to share my story with Khalifa on the Happy Single Mom Podcast. We talked about narcism and dispel the myth that only men can be one, along with my experience as a Dad in separation and divorce.

John Nachlinger interviews me about my experience of divorce, preparing for it, what it was like during the process and what it was like with a narcissist.

Got a podcast suggestion? I'd love to hear it!